21 August, 2008

Pidgin Instant Messenger

Long time ago, i experienced some dificulties logging on my account on WL messenger, so i searched for a replacement. Someone suggested me to try Pidgin IM, as an alternative. So i thought, what can i lose if i try it? Download, install, and guess what i see in the config menu - Messenger for ALL my instant messenger accounts! (except skype, but there are plugins for it, which i do not prefer) : MSN, Yahoo! , GoogleTalk, ICQ, and much more, which i dont use.
Yesterday, when i turned on my trashbin, pidgin has alerted me for update, the newest 2,5,0. I downloaded it, upgraded the old instalation, and when i opened the buddy list, guess what - pidgin now shows status messages for other msn accounts, (this is what i discovered few moments ago - will update if i notice other interesting things).
So people, USE PIDGIN.

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